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About Eunisses

A proven transformational leader ready to reimagine Los Angeles

Our communities are suffering due to decades of bad policy and negligent city council leadership. The result is an unprecedented housing crisis, the nation’s largest jail population, and severely underfunded social services. The people of CD1 deserve better.

We envision a Los Angeles that invests in the needs of its people. Needs such as deeply affordable housing, structurally supported alternatives to incarceration, and expanded social protections that protect Angelenos from the violence of poverty. As a lifelong CD1 resident, she has made a successful career out of actively fighting for this vision in the name of her neighbors and loved ones. Eunisses has led campaigns, coalitions, and commissions that effectively put a check on politicians and transformed policies that were separating families while putting our youth behind bars. She has led major policy wins, such as Measure J and Care First, Jails Last, which have begun to drive hundreds of millions of dollars into expanding and creating access to community based services, housing, and support for young people in LA County.

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The Issues


Public Safety

Currently, nearly half of the LA city budget is allocated to law enforcement. Statistics and decades of tough on crime policies prove that this does not result in safer communities. LA needs urgent widespread investment in mental health services, public healthcare, affordable housing, public education, and workforce development. We need to invest in services proven to meet the needs of our community.

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Affordable Housing

In a district where more than 70% of residents are renters, unaffordable development and gentrification is displacing working families at an alarming rate. CD1 was one of only two districts that lost population in the last census. Increasing the availability of deeply affordable housing is the best solution to stop this major displacement now.

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Many on our streets suffer with untreated mental health needs, problematic substance use, and physical health needs. We must meet the moment with proven and effective services, housing, and strong renter protections.

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LA is not on track to meet our 2030 climate goals. Major infrastructure projects like retrofitting our buildings for energy efficiency, shutting down oil and gas extraction, and restoring the tree canopy in urban heat islands would not only help us meet our goals but also bring a fair and just transition and large-scale jobs programs to meet the zero carbon emission standards we need.

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Immigrants are a part of the fabric of Los Angeles. We can guarantee our future by fully funding a permanent universal Justice Fund, expanding the right to vote in local elections to all Angelenos regardless of citizenship status, enshrining sanctuary city policy into law, and ending the information sharing between ICE and local law enforcement.


Small Business, Street Vendors, & Community

Our communities are struggling. Between COVID and years of disinvestment, small businesses, communities of color, and low-income neighborhoods have been barely hanging on. We need mental health and substance use care centers, workers centers, and direct investment in small businesses. I will work with state legislators to develop commercial rent control for our small business to keep our city vibrant.

Read My Public Safety Platform


Budget Accountability

It has become more and more clear that our city budget does not reflect the needs and priorities of most Angelenos. Public money should be transparently and democratically guided by the public. I stand by the People’s Budget LA’s work and demands regarding funding allocation for city resources.

Read My Public Safety Platform

The district

About LA City Council District 1

LA City Council District 1 is socioeconomically and racially diverse, representing core parts of northeast and northwest Los Angeles. It includes Glassell Park, Highland Park, Chinatown, Mount Washington, Echo Park, Elysian Park, Westlake, Pico Union, Koreatown, Angelino Heights, Lincoln Heights, and MacArthur Park. The families, children, small businesses, and workers in Council District 1 deserve a representative who is committed to leading with community to ensure the district thrives.


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